Subject: File No. 4-627
From: Linda A. King/Gordon, miss
Affiliation: heir to a private trust fund, Amcore Bank

May 7, 2011

I am so grateful,to see a case you opened,that for years,I have lived in fear,as the exploitation,and all that goes with it,as the edited phoney documents,I could get not one to represent me,Thank goodness your there to protect us,The Frank-Dodd laws are so important,to me,I have decided to not fill in the complex case,but I have to add what will be important to fill in the facts,I cant get my phone or email to reach anyone,the audit i begged for,when I wrote,was what caught my eye,and evergreen company that I saw in litagation,but wondering why no one has contacted me,The fear that they are using my clone,again,The Fair Fund that was to be my familys damage award,I called but it was given to someone else,I had to place this because I prayed for this day,to hear the whole story,you will understand,You are the so important to us,out here.