Subject: File No. 4-627
From: Scott E Wilbur
Affiliation: retired IT professional. --full time trader

May 6, 2011

Short selling is counter productive in the investing community, in my opinion. Investors buy a security expecting to realize a positive return based on the appreciation of the company's intrinsic value.

short selling takes advantage of just the opposite. The typical investor NEVER has an opportunity to take advantage of this. The only people who benefit from this a BIG trading organizations and hedge funds.

I think Hedge funds should be illegal, as should short selling.

Goldman Sachs had their MOST PROFITable quarter in the very Depth of the current market downturn. HOW CAN THAT BE?????????

Goldman is the most crooked market manipulators that ever existed and they should be dismantled and shut down forever

I have lost approximately $200,000.00 out of $300K due to margin calls, when all I wanted to ever do was make a little more money