Subject: File No. 4-627
From: Samuel E Wynegar

November 15, 2011

The ability for market makers and Financial institutions to naked short a position, which i feel they use this practice on a daily basis to manipulate any position and in cooperation with banks and Hedge Funds, to unfairly steal hard earned money from retail investors just trying to keep up with inflation. It also puts a lot of financial stress on start up companies who issue stock for operational capital as they have to borrow money to continue business, the cost of borrowing for the start up business is outragiously prohibative. When the sec abolished the up-tick rule for big money, they were given a license to steal which they do constantly This very practice and the unregulated Hedge Funds and Financial Institutions have destroyed Americas Economy and i feel they would do the very same with the rest of the globle economies. I beg for someone to do whats right for America and the World by agresive oversight and regulations on the Financial Markets before it becomes too late. Wall Street in my opinion is the most corrupt cesspool on Planet Earth. IT IS TIME FOR SERIOUS CHANGE IN CORPORATE AMERICA. America needs a fair playing field for all parties including retail investors. P.S. Hedge Funds are destroying the World, Economicly. I as a tax paying citizen want the United States of America back, NOT, The United States of Corporate America