Subject: File No. 4-627
From: Sally E. Prescott
Affiliation: poetess

September 22, 2011

This is one of the most important moves the SEC could ever make. Much mischief has been done through shorting. Too many dishonest traders have this tool to use as they please, even to harm competition of another company, while they spread vicious lies on yahoo and other stock chat boards about the companies they short. Also, the writers in financial papers and on web sites are not beyond shorting a given stock before they unfairly trash it, more often than not. If they borrow MY stock to harm my investment..I have the right to know who they are and why they are doing this...
The day traders who go in and out of stocks are one thing..but those who manipulate these same stocks with heavy shorting for NO good reason...should be known to investors.

Shorting has become a political tool as well..and the index traders who whip the market up and down 400 points often..too often, now...sometimes do it to express a political opinion show their disdain for the Pres. or the having a little financial hissy fit. They have too much power...way too much.
They can actually destroy our economy again as they did with the mtg. backed sec. scam trading, which they have NOT been punished for as they should have been. Guys at Goldman Sachs
or M. Stanley were sending emails to one another saying they'd never buy this junki stuff...but the Germans will....and laughing about it..causing ill will against the U.S. abroad and single-handedly helping to bring down our financial systen. Tthis is an outrage, and we, as investors, have every right to know who is doing this mischief that borders on criminal activity. And then they use their nano computers against retail investors.
Actually, on cnbc the talking heads are convincing investors to stop buying the underlying stocks and just trade the indexes. If this continues...wall st. and investing as we know it will be nothing but an index gambling casino...not an investment tool to help new companies go public and get
a chance to grow, to produce products, jobs and add to our tax base.

The hedge funds were allowed to naked short these starup stocks...and over 7K were slaughtered by this process over the turn of the century...and have never recovered...they received toxic loans and then were shorted to death in that
horrific fashion allowed by the gov. until they had to shut their doors. Companies with great science...biologically and forensically were destroyed by a few hot handed traders
and are now are their hard work to go public in the first place. If the gov. and Congress and SEC don't protect out new and emerging tech and biotech companies from these bear raids and crooked trades...fewer and fewer companies will go public in the future.

Shorting is a vicious tool...and should be outlawed altogether. It is abused by market makers who naked short
small a way that is very destructive...killing the confidence who buyers who knew that the companies would be successful if allowed by the treachery going on on wall st.
Enemies of this nation can use this same tool and do..I'm sure to kill the hope of investors in the financial system
It's like you renting me furnished home and then coming in each week and taking something out...until it is empty.
Until there is more sunshine in investing...until there is less raw greed and corruption of character in the whole system...this one will continue to lose investors and do great harm to our economy.

Yes, expose those shorting...and then end this once useful tool, as it has become a weapon now...not a tool..rather a gun to the head of hard working, trusting investors...who cannot fathom the mindset of those abusing this tool you allow them to use in unjust and under-handed ways.

it is our right to know who is borrowing our stock against us and taking it down...way down for purposes that are not
legal...this is actually insanity to allow this to continue.
You have a few big trading houses whacking the market all over the place and then cnbc saying falsely that it's the investors selling today...all of the time.
It is a planned, conspired shake down of our markets..using any reason they wish to excuse this wild trading. Just end index shorting now...let them buy puts or calls on each stock rather than crash great and promising stocks in the russell 3K all at once, for no good reason.
End the indexes..period...that would solve a lot of our problems. Tthese traders are too lazy to do their real homework on individual they hit em all at once and upset the retail investors..scare the daylights out of them...and then, when they finally throw in the towel...they whip them right back up and break their hearts.
For a few to have such enormous nano computing/trading power is an outrage.

I have been in this market for 30 years now, but if the SEC refuses to address these issues, I, too, will go and never return...and i don't go easily, trust me...I have a lot of patience, but watching the debacle against wo very promising stocks going on today..I, too, am close to the end of my investing rope...and very disgusted that the Congress isn't talking about this..moving on this...and all those I know feel exactly as I do...but they've left the market years ago...seeing the corruption therein.

Show us the shorts...end this abuse they pile on investors..
bring back some sanity and sense into this market. Otherwise, going to vegas would be safer.