Subject: File No. 4-627
From: michael taillefer

June 20, 2011

shorting stocks is destructive and only makes money for a small group of unscrupulous rich investors. many of these people are not even from the USA, they rob us and the sec does nothing. why are you even asking for comment? Europe and other markets have stopped shorting, you put restrictions on shorting during the crisis of 2008. Bernard made off was all about shorting, you even let him write the rules for it. now you are still not sure???

in 2004 before the crissis of 08 you denied naked shorting existed, boy you blew that call. and fwit the dtcc is a bunch of crooks too, wake up and stop serving the crooks.

for the love of god please pull your heads out and do something for real Americans. we are being robbed blind and you do nothing. put an end to the theft.