Subject: File No. 4-627
From: peter e meixler
Affiliation: private investor

June 17, 2011

Short selling needs to be fixed. The abuse of short selling has run rampant. The corruption of big brokerages like Goldman Sachs is an absolute cancer to this great nation. It is sickening to think that our government apparently does not possess the intelligence to punish the corrupt financial institutions that are undermining the very foundation of what makes this country great.Big financial institutions shold not be allowed to get away with shorting stocks and then failing to deliver shares. The current guide lines are a joke. Our government is essentially allowing market makers to trade counterfeit shares because we do not criminally investigate and prosecute short sellers and financial institutions who fail to deliver shares in a timely manner. Failing to deliver needs to be policed. Penalties need to be extreme and exhorbitant. Investor confidence is at an all time low. Prices of stocks are easily manipulated by "market makers". How many potential great American companies will never come to fruition because of market manipulators? Stop playing games and get the foxes out of the hen house