Subject: File No. 4-627
From: Kevin Overholt

June 14, 2011

While I do not have a theoretic problem with short-selling, I do see a problem in the fact that "Wall Street" can substantially affect the markets by taking a large short position large enough that others will follow. Before you know it, the value of the underlying position has plummeted when often there is no credible cause other than the huge short position taken by one company because of their opinion.

I think short-selling should be done on a personal, not institutional level. This would help prevent market makers from bullying a company on a whim/opinion.

Also institutions should have to disclose short positions on securities which they are trying to sell to individuals. Do you think people would have kept buying MBS' back in 2007 if they knew that the banks were short the housing market and the underlying MBS'?

Thank you. I am very interested to learn if there is any sort of public forum for other federal branches. I think this would be a very good way for the people to reconnect with their government. Give us our voice back, so to speak. So much scandal in the Legislature that who knows whose interests are being served.