Subject: File No. 4-627
From: james cutler

June 10, 2011

Why doesn't the SEC do the right thing and simply reinstate the short UPTICK rule. Investors are tired of the incompetence and corruption at the SEC, failing to protect investors and allow gross manipulation of securities.

Ever since ex-chariman Chris Cox removed the UPTICK rule, stocks have been destroyed by short-sellers with no mercy. Sell it down and keep piling on, just like GANG RAPE while the useless twits at SEC do nothing.

Reinstate the original UPTICK rule and stop making useless rules to pretent that the SEC is doing its job. You failed to stop every single abuse and when someone is caught you give them a trivial fine, but they are not banned and almost never go to "white-collar" jail.

Reinstate the original UPTICK rule now, before Mary Shapiro allows the next market crash and has to explain to the next set of 401k rape victims that daddy has to work till age 100 because greedy wallstreet took his retirement.

Are you listening?

Reinstate the original UPTICK rule