Subject: File No. 4-626
From: Lauren E Wills
Affiliation: Professor of Law, Loyola Law School Los Angeles

August 11, 2011

For a review of studies of the effectiveness of financial education, please see:

Evidence and Ideology in Assessing the Effectiveness of Financial Literacy Education, 46 SAN DIEGO L. REV. 415 (2009), available at

You may also be interested in the following 3 papers:

1. Financial Education: Lessons Not Learned Lessons Learned, Boston University School of Management Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Conference on Financial Education Consumer Financial Protection (May 2011), available at

2. The Financial Education Fallacy, 101 AMERICAN ECON. REV.: PAPERS PROCEEDINGS 2011, available at

3. Against Financial Literacy Education, 94 IOWA L. REV. 197 (2008), available at

Thank you,
Professor Lauren Willis
Loyola Law School Los Angeles