Subject: Comments to SEC File Number 4-626 Existing Private and Public Efforts to Educate Investors due 6.21.2011

June 21, 2011

Comments to SEC File Number 4-626 Existing Private and Public Efforts to Educate Investors due 6.21.2011

Without prosecutions or any other high publicity events, the public is not really informed about efforts to educate.

In areas like the City of Los Angeles which was a key area in the mortgage and property value collapse, we still are reeling over the lack of regulation and enforcement and see the future by the events occurring today.

In other words, we are attempted to uncover the next plot. "We" are the many active citizens involved in opposition of government actions-local, state and federal-that affect our collective daily lives.

Without the funding behind us, it is reminisce of underground movements, but we not underground and very verbal whether some attend meetings, write comments on blogs, write opinion pieces or film meetings and create You Tube videos.

This "underground" includes retirees, small investors, property owners, business owners, professional, blue collar etc. Some can raise funds and sue, others just raise hell. It is difficult to believe that our government is not the democracy we were raised to believe.

And it starts with the banking and financing.

Most do not realize that the City of Los Angeles is the second largest in the nation, the target of international finance and key territory to the Pacific Rim.

Los Angeles has around 32 contiguous census tracts that allow the Feds to fund low-moderate income whether it is Consolidated Plan funding from HUD or Community Reinvestment Act related funding.

Most residents are not even aware of their value of residence because the process of Federal HUD funding is barely a public process, but enough of one to satisfy the regulations.

We were set up to fail the individual, yet create wealth for the billionaires.

It is amazing how the term Public Benefit turned into funding appropriations for non-profit organizations that most of us know nothing about-and we did not elect.

Public Private Partnerships seem to be our city's fate because our elected representatives have bought into the idea


We just keep fighting.

Conflicts of Interest Codes are weak and not always in existence. We passed a local bond, Proposition O for a Clean Water Initiative in an unheard amount of $500,000,000 for the City of Los Angeles alone.

There is a Citizens' Oversight Committee, appointed, that consists of lobbyists and non-City residents. There is no Conflict-of-Interest Code, there are supposed to be annual reports, of which one is pending in a Council committee. There are supposed to be audited financial statements, of which there are none to date.

The paper is sold and we have no idea who benefits.

Goldman Sachs Co is ever-present whether they advise the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power on energy asset disposals or whether they sell City bonds.

Nothing is disclosed as to their involvement in any derivative market, yet they were a subject in the national financial collapse investigation.

Since the Prop O projects are disguised recycled water projects, we can expect more financial creations to sell more paper. The Federal Clean Water Act is being used in that matter for impaired water bodies and potential violations.

There is a market being created in pollutant BMP Best Management Practices and we foresee billions and billions to be assessed in the future.

Our renewable energy sources will be transmitted by lines owned by Transwest Express. Here Anschutz Corporation is a major owner, yet there is no disclosure.

Our future power needs will include natural gas-another asset that the LA Department of Water and Power has acquired, in part, with Anschutz Pinedale.

These corporations are private, and we have not clue to the financials.

AEG, an Anschutz owned company, plans to build an NFL stadium in part of the HUD qualifying census tracts.

We foresee that they will qualify for Treasury Department or Federal Reserve perks because they will create jobs.

The City of Los Angeles is one giant oilfield and a source of potential wealth-underground.

Please address derivative and financial instruments created with the common man's assets.

Passive education will be difficult, but the passion over attacking catastrophes has not stopped.

We need safeguards installed-easy to access and easy to understand-and brought to a local level.

All politics is local and so are the finances.

Joyce Dillard