Subject: File No. 4-626
From: Cathy F. Bowen, Ph.D.
Affiliation: Facutly/Extension Specialist--Penn State University

June 20, 2011

Responses are linked to the eight questions in the request for comment.

Question 1
(Cooperative) Extension, nationwide, offers a variety of financial education programs designed for delivery at the local level by extension educators. Extension educators work in local communities and are employed by public land grant universities. Many programs are designed to build the foundation so that would be investors can be successful and informed about investing. Some programs are also focused on educating participants about investing basics and investing precautions.

Question 2
Effective programs are those where the educator has a stake in participants learning and does not have a business profit as the underlying motive. No matter how you package it, investor education programs that are visibly and highly co-sponsored by the businesses are approached by the public with a proceed with caution sign.

Question 3
Programs a) offered by community leaders and members that have a stake in the development of the community b) and programs without major gimmicks designed merely to attract customers. Investing is serious business and should be portrayed as such among adults. The gimmicks may be okay for kids and teens to get them interested but not for adults.

Question 7
Public education