Subject: File No. 4-626
From: Elizabeth Gorham, PhD
Affiliation: Associate Proffessor, South Dakota State University, Extension Family Resource Management Specialist

June 17, 2011

As Extension educators, we have met many a financial planner and retail investor's to help us share their expertise for investing. Much diversity in knowlege levels exist in those we have invited to make presentations. I think it is always a very positive move to look at best practices when trying to motivate people to become more effective - it is to their own personal benefit as well as their client's benefit. What are parts of their presentation resonate best with their audiences? They have a difficult task - to overcome the fear of investing (risk loss) and the client's lack of knowledge or relegation of their responsibility to be an informed consumer. Can their be some basics that all consumers need to understand before an investment can occur? Can we look at different learning and teaching styles to come up with a match?

I was very impressed with the speaker for the University of Florida on their June 9th Webinar. The Webinar description is as follows: "In these tough economic times it is important to plan wisely and use effective financial management strategies. Learn how a goal-based investment strategy can help you achieve financial goals in this interactive online class. This webinar is presented by University of Florida and the Financial Planning Association of Tampa Bay in partnership with Hillsborough County Extension."
It was excellent and should be cloned.