Subject: File No. 4-626
From: Mike F Zhu

June 1, 2011

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

I am a small investor just starting my journey of building a solid financial foundation. I looked around me and asked myself, "OK, it is 21st century, who has been a successful investor that I want to pattern my life after?" My criteria for a successful investor are

(a) this person has never been convicted for financial or security fraud

(b) this person is respected by people through out the world in 21st century, the investment world is global

(c) this person is liked by his neighbors which indicates this person does not have a conflict of interest -- i.e., the opposite of the person who says "let's outsource jobs to places with the lowest labor cost so we can make a profit", and is, later, disliked by his/her neighbors because their jobs are gone and wages are cut

So, for my investor education, I located the letters of Warren E. Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. ( I understand that to be a success investor, one has to do "intelligent business analysis" which means one has to do in-depth analysis of the intrinsic value of the business and not just look at the price of the stock that goes up and down with the current events.

Like all small investors starting a journey, I would like to make sure I am on the right path and on a solid ground. I hope SEC will review this investor education and make sure it is effective and this education will lead to a successful outcome. Thank you.