Subject: File No. 4-626
From: Linda A. King, miss

May 6, 2011

"Comments attached' Investor education,I have found,that the more I researched,the laws that would be available for a beneficiary of a private trust fund,that was held by bank,in rural Illinois.The savings of my parents,that saved since the 1930s for the heirs,for their protection,when they no longer would be by our side.The data,to prove that our lives had been an open book,the monitoring all during the exploitations,was not in our best interest,the old real money,and ways that fraud comes into lives,that endless professionals all had evidently,a eye on the prize.In an area where,innocence,and blindly searching answears for red flags showing up,can be so dangerous,The complex case,has been a subject for some great research,the facts,without the victims,to explain,The hardships that never end,when a true victim,seeks for a voice,to never recieve justice,The fears I wrote about before,was way before the finacial blow,happened.I had no way to pull out,like investors,whom,stayed,seem to have legal claw backs,the bank that had changed,to a holding company,still was not allowed to demand I wanted no more risk or worry and wanted a future,and that should have been accomplished,since there wasnt one document to even to this day that I could hold up,in a court,or to show to obtain legal counsel.To this day still,even after begging for a audit,I have nothing,except that the bank,was closed by feds and OCC,NOW The new bank,that took over,is telling me so many days that I must find another bank,that to take the losses to open another trust,when the matters of adressing the fraud,isnt going to ever be exposed,I want to open the facts,where my reasoning that this would be a great teaching tool,for others,and to plea,at 58,disabled,the correct action,would be not to trust those with a conflict of interest,and want saftey,when being homeless with tiny interest check nowadays keeps one in hardships,and with the new laws to protect the faceless heirs with no rights cant even show how important it is,to have the Frank-Dodd laws are for your heirs,and dont count on having attorney and the others whom edit those phoney documents,placing your last wishes,in the lap of this kind of corruption, the investments may become the kind that cause the demise,of your family.