Subject: File No. 4625-7.htm
From: Pamela Lambert
Affiliation: Principal, Ziv Investment Co.

June 1, 2011

Dear SEC - How predictable to read today that the usual suspects, Sifma, ISDA, the Chamber, Wall St., etc would like you to put Dodd-Frank out for comment again. Please publish the rules along with a hard implementation schedule and be done with it. There was plenty of commentary from all angles while it was written and passed. The SEC, and for that matter the CFTC, are charged with implementation. Enough jaw-jaw, the markets need this law-law. In fact, the agency should recognize it is on the right track when the above referenced firms and groups start pushing for delay of the new rules, having failed in their bid to defeat them.

Thank you for your consideration of this comment.

Pamela Lambert
Ziv Investment Co.