From: Susan Seltzer
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 07:00 PM
To: McHugh, Jennifer B.
Subject: Money Market Investor Alert at SEC Websitte
Dear Jennfer:

I was sad to read of the news of certain Commissioners' roles in perhaps defeating Chairwoman Shapiro's money market reform.  i have admired her work in this effort.

Here is my Blog Post today on this topic:

"Chair Shapiro, For Protection of Every Retirement Investor, Please Post this Money Market Notice Today on SEC Website"

I would like to work with your office to post a message to retail retirement investors that there is a very viable alternative to systemic risk and negative returns, FDIC insured sweep accounts, such as Fideltiy's, that carry no charges and a slight positive return, as opposed to Federated's negative -.01% 7 day return and over 1.09% annual operating fee.

I will also do every think I can to educate investors on this most crucial issue, prior to November's election.

Kind regards,

The Derivative Project