Subject: File No. 4-619
From: Ray and Dianna Jackson

August 23, 2012

To Mr. Aguilar,

Having just read the article re: your opposition to the money market rules revision, I am completely dismayed that you feel more study is needed. What? In the form of "let's just see what happens next time?"

Most people don't even understand their money market funds might not equal $1 in, $1 out. It is your job to protect the investor, is it not? Shame on you for your stand on this issue. Guess all those lobbying dollars got your attention.

We are completely disappointed in you. You have let all the little guys of the world remain in a land of uncertainty re: their cash. You do understand that there are three asset classes? One is cash, one is equities, one is bonds. We already know equities and bonds are not safe. Now cash continues to be unsafe thanks to your intransigence.


Ray and Dianna Jackson