Subject: File No. 4-610
From: Mark W Gee
Affiliation: Taxpayer and Town Councilor

March 3, 2011

Thank you for your review of the municipal bond market, both nationwide and here in Rhode Island.

I am very concerned that not only investors, but also the general public as well, be made aware of an accurate assessment of our total municipal future financial obligations when considering an investment in municipal bonds. I'm afraid most of us don't know the full story. I'm further troubled that most of us don't care, either.

Once we understand the full impact of money which has already been obligated for future pension and OPEB payments, the better off we'll be in accepting and addressing the dire consequences of our laissez-faire attitude about dealing with our future.

Please help us to understand and appreciate the dangers lurking as we continue to ignore our financial realities.

Mark Gee