Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Daniel B Wells
Affiliation: Personel Investor

August 6, 2010

As A personel Investor I have been experiencing some difficulities with Sharebuilder accounts of which I have TWO

For the last Month I have been watching my accounts every day all day and I have noticed that there has been lock ups and sign offs, unexpected eerors, displayed during the market hours while loged on. I have also notice that after the Close of the day, balances are different. This has occured at least two times after siging in and out again.

I believe that funds are not being submited to the reader correctly. One ticker has not moved for TWO Days
GCBC (Green County Bank Corp.) at last for two days postd showed no movement. yet Quote showed the last price 17.22 while bids where 15.50

What is up with this?

In the the watch list it has not moved for two day or so why? I am concerned.

I need to see that all sites are showing the same balances when accounts are linked and signed into as a user to monitor them while the market is open.

I believe that there are problems.

I have been locked up on my PC several times this month as a returning investor from several years back in 2001 or so. when Linked accounts from BOFA, ING-DIRECT ORANGE, and SHAREBUILDER, are loged into Investment balances show fluxuations and do not read the same at times.

should this BE?

I believe that when linked up to all accounts all balances should be the same no matter what the up N down of the stock rise or fall in price.
this is what concerns me not to know the true balence of my account and therefore I feel there are gaps in the System Causing to anyone to believe that they are reading an unrealized balance in there account. Meaning that it's Not Correct at times.

I have email them yesterday 8/4/2010 but so far no responce in my messages with ShareBuilder usually 24 hr relpy from them
All other stocks seeem to be fine and show movement.
please feel free to check out you own accounts.

Thank you for letting me comment on this matter

Daniel Wells