Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Jeffrey L. Allison, ChFC, CLU
Affiliation: NAIFA, FPA

August 6, 2010

Protecing the consumer is both admirable and the duty of the SEC....regulation/ fiduciary standards are both necessary and desirable in a client centric approach to financial advise/ the placing of financial products to that cliet's needs and betterment....but, the current proposed regulation will place undo emphasis on looking back on the finanial representative/ broker dealer's handling of these issues and do nothing to "look forward" and prevent breaches to that client's best interests, as the current system is designed to do will also add additional cost to the financial advise/ placement of financial products for the client, which as we all know will add to the cost of products to compensate for the added, no benefit to the client regulation is a "pretty package with an empty box inside that the client will ultimately pay for" ....such "advances" in consumer protection should be regarded by insightful men and women as misplaced and misguided ....i advise the s.e.c. stop this "runaway freight train" before it's too late to do so.