Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Dr Charles Durand (Williams-Durand), USN, USArmy(ROTC), Ph.D.
Affiliation: Several Boards of Examiners, Joint University U.S. Economic Recovery Project

July 30, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen:

As the need to know basis applies, I'll merely inform you that you should IMPLEMENT THE UNIFICATION SCIENCE UPGRADES, ASAP.....everything else, much like Dr Einstein's new Avagadros Number, is and shall remain BELOW SCIENTIFIC HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA LEVELS OF ACCURACY AND DEFICIT/BENEFIT-CUTS PRODDUCTION....If you aren't attempting to oppose the U.S. Constitution's "Just Compensation For Public Usage", which's all we've seen, since 1988-89....there should be no problem in your adherence to these Constitutional MANDATES......and if you are trying another attempt at International Economic Warfare....duping citizens out of their tax-dollars under the auspices of your supporting nd defending the U.S. Constitution (as their Private Rackets are doing to their investment dollars with counterfeits of these materials in the private business sector that just can't deliver the profits promised0, then, we'll just have to wait and see if someone who can do this much of the job (with instructions) gets into those positions, before complete Economic Collapse occurs.....THESE ARE THE ONLY MATERIALS THAT WOULD ELIMINATE RELATIVITY-BASED-SOCIAL-SECURITY'S DEFICIT IN THE 1980s.....AS THEY ARE FOR ALL OF THE BUSINESSES ENTAILED THEREIN, INCLUDING YOURS....COUNTERFEIT/HYPER-PRINTINGS AT THE MINT/FED WILL ONLY CONFUSE AND MAGNIFY THE PROBLEM, THEY WON'T CORRECT IT, JUST MAKE IT Dr. Laffer's works proved regarding new taxes in the 1980s, only moreso.....IMPLEMENT THE UNIFICATON SCIENCE UPGRADES, IF YOU WANT TO CORRECT THE PROBLEM, EVERYTHING ELSE JUST MAKES IT WORSE.....GUARANTEED......As all of the various substitutes, since 1988-89, PROVE......they only take you further and further from a Solvent Social Security and Balanced Budget, only ours takes you closer and closer to one.....

RCCFM: Always(c):

Dr Durand (Williams-Durand), USN, USArmy (ROTC)
Who's Who in America Physician (PhD. Public Health)
Joint University U.S. Economic Recovery Project
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