Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Sylvia C Fontanilla

August 5, 2010

-Our company, Principal Financial group has been receiving
awards and good ratings for taking care of our clients, the
best possible, by the A.M. Best, Moody's Standard Poor.
Our training from the start of doing business have already
emphasized to be focus, consciencious and practice the win-
win situation first for the clients, then for the business.
We have a very strict office regulations on getting the
suitability of the clients investment, according to the
needs, age, lifestyle, risk tolerance, investment objectives, liquidity and source of funds/income,
investment experience, tax bracket and more, by interviewing and filling up the suitability questionaires.

We are being audited by the office of state commisioner,
by the internal auditor and we attend the compliance
meeting yearly according to FINRA and take continuing
education per Finra's Regulation. Our SRR always keep
an eye on how we do our business.

Our time is being balanced with these Finra and State
regulations, and taking care of our clients and at same
time producing for our company and for our family's
bread and butter. Additional regulations by the government
will derail us and can not focus on our jobs anymore.