Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Kendall Schlake
Affiliation: LUTCF

August 5, 2010

Dear Sirs - I am a multi-line insurance agent and registered rep. in a small, rural Nebraska town. I am writing to discourage the additional layer of regulation being considered. My clients are primarily farm families, their employees and other small business owners. My customers know me and I them on a personal level. I am already regulated by my broker-dealer who requires quarterly reviews, annual training and company compliance reviews every 2 years. Any additional regulation would only interfere with my ability to provide services to my clients. I currently hold reviews with my clients on a schedule of no more than 3 years between reviews. Most are done every 2 years. Additionally, my clients also have other lines of insurance with me that enable me to talk with them frequently throughout the year and that enables me to be aware of any changes that may affect their programs. More regulation may cause me to withdraw investment products from our portfolio and make my clients take their investment business elsewhere to someone who does not know them as well as I. Does that really serve the best interest of the public?


Kendall Schlake. LUTCF