Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Michael S. Wiswell
Affiliation: Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

August 5, 2010

Stop the SEC from Imposing a Misguided Fiduciary Standard on Registered Representatives.

I feel by imposing these restrictions are only hurting our clients it will cost extra time and money. We are well-regulated FINRA.

Compliance costs are already extremely high and extremely time-consuming. I've Artie had to hire an assistant that spends a great majority of her day to follow the compliance rules and regulations.

I feel this rules imposed will have to apply a fee model on everything that we do which is to give unbiased advice. We will be forced to impose his features to protect ourselves from future liability. Our clients will not be able to afford the upfront fees nor will they be willing to pay them. With the liabilities that will be included with this there will drive up our ears and omissions coverage significantly. I don't know if it's affordable to stay in the business if the liabilities become too great.

Michael Wiswell