Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Beverly Barr
Affiliation: President, Barr Associates, Inc., Financial Services

August 3, 2010

Having been a Registered Representative for 26 years, I can tell you that I have been very well trained in what is suitable for my clients. If I want more clients who have been referred by others than I must put their interests first. Whether it's fee-based or for commission, it must suit the client's needs. The fidicuary standard does not suit the client's needs better

Also, please don't tie us up with more rules and regulations. Right now I put in more and more time with everything that is involved in one sale that oftentimes the compensation doesn't warrant the time involved. By the time I spend one to two hours educating and discussing, say, a 403b with a client, plus processing all the paperwork that is involved, I've put in three to four hours myself plus maybe 30 minutes of office staff. After that if the client is contributing $100 to this account each month, I make approximately $5 each month on this. Subtract 30% for taxes and pay staff and expenses, and I might make $.50.It will take many years to even break even on this.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.