Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Ronald L Brayman
Affiliation: Senior Account Executive, Horace Mann Ins Co

August 3, 2010

I have been a multi-line insurance agent with Horace Mann Ins Co for almost 29 years. It seems that every year I have to spend more and more time on compliance requirements for selling variable life and annuity products. In 29 years I have never had a formal complaint filed against me because I do my absolute best to serve clients with honesty and integrity and I'm sure the vast majority of agents do the same. I believe we already have plenty of compliance oversite to keep us aware of the rules and how important it is to follow them. I believe many agents will decide to stop selling variable products if this compliance "harassment" continues. We have a difficult enough time manageing our time serving clients without having more compliance and paperwork requirements. By continually encroaching on an agent's time you are actually hurting the service an agent is able to provide for his/her clients. As I see it the problem is not lack of rules and regulations, but rather the lack of efficient enforcement of the already existing rules and regulations. Thanks, Ron