Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Ron W. Arneson, LUTCF

August 3, 2010

The current laws and regulations concerning the securities industry are sufficient, if not excessive enough already. If the government would just enforce the current securities environment regulations, things would be controlled. New laws are regulations will continue to destroy the America we grew up in. Those who don't remember history, intentionally or selectively, are going to repeat the disaters of the past. This country cannot sustain without hard work. The hard work ethic in this country is disappearing and the freeloader ethic is exactly what the democrats want. Dependancy on the government has never worked, socialism has never worked, every business "government-run" has been the an inefficient failure. History has proven that. Hard work pays the bills, "Hope", "Change" and "Nice Feelings" do not pay the bills. Propaganda does not change basic economics concerning success vs. failure. As in the Arizona immigration law, if current laws were enforced, Arizona would not have had to call attention to current failed enforcement. Just do the job with current laws and Americans will return to the hard-working people we want to be.