Subject: File No. 4-606
From: James R Brown
Affiliation: CFP, CLU, ChFC, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

August 2, 2010

Currently I provide a great deal of service to clients and prospective clients free of charge. I am paid only if solutions presented are implemented. I am held to a high standard of compliance and fair representation currently. Any thing additional required will certainly end up costing the consumer more. It may even require charging for consultative services that we currently do not charge for. I believe we are already subjected to a high degree of regulation. I also do not believe there is a "non-biased" opinion on how to deliver financial security to consumers. "Fee only" advisors have their biases even though they say they don't, and many double dip by selling products, some even offsetting their fees if clients purchase products from them. I believe consumers are well protected as it is, and competitive forces will do the rest.