Subject: File No. 4-606

July 31, 2010

New SEC regulation of Broker Dealers and registered representatives is not necessary to protect consumers. Those few who would "misguide the public and disregard their fiduciary resonsibility" to the public, will still find a way to do so, and new oversight and regulation will only discourage us who are already heavily burdened with compliance, testing, continuing education and industry surveilance to continue assisting the public with sound finacial advice and products.

I have been licensed for Life, Accident and Health and Variable Products for many years. I am required to attend a "compliance meeting", at least once a year. I am tested once per year, at a national computer center, on compliance issues. I have to complete a minumum of 24 hours of continuing education for each 2 year period to maintain my licenses. My Broker Dealer keeps me current on all security issues and rulings to maintain my fiduciary responsibility to my clients.

Further compliance, regulation and a potential move to a "fee-only" model, will only take away additional time needed to provide good, compliant service to my clients, not to mention additional cost to my clients. Additonal compliance and fees can only leave the majority of the public, who can not afford to pay up front fees, without the services and financial products offered by a registered representative like me. Registered Reprentatives may be forced out of the variable market by additional time to compliance issues, higher liability insurance premiums and more liability issues which will move us to a fee-only model, which will not necessarily provide better unbiased client advice and service.