Subject: File No. 4-606
From: George T Barzizza

July 30, 2010

As a small business person and a registered represetative who holds a series 6 and 63 license, I want to say, "Enough is enough".
My daily activities dealing with securities has enough influence from my Broker Dealer to act in the best interest of my client.
My broker dealer has many regulations that make "conducting business" enough of a chore while providing excellent service and a best practices recommendation to my clients.
I am tired of the paperwork involved in smaller transactions that this rule would generate and make soliciting any client below a certain treshold less inticing in the future.
For the good of the small investor and average citizen, stop any rules that would make soliciting this group more costly. Eliminate the fiduciary responsibility that registered representatives are faced with in this rule making.
Thank for your consideration.