Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Lawrence Hesse
Affiliation: CEO Hesse Financial Services

July 30, 2010

Comments attached:Are you kidding, more regulation. I am so regulated now compared to other industries that I'm tempted to get out of the industry. Barney Frank Christopher Dodd were chairmen of committees responsible for overseeing things occurring in the financial markets especially with the sub prime mortgage stuff leading to the biggest recession and stock market decline in 75 yrs. Now these guys are heading up an effort to require us to be responsible for their failure to do their jobs. Pass the buck is their way to deal with what they didn't do. Let's not overregulate or you will destroy a wonderful industry. What will happen eventually is to cost the consumer more because of the expenses of compliance will be passed on to the consumer and drive up their costs which is what you are trying to avoid. It doesn't make any sense. With more government interference in private business you will eventually ruin the industry or drive up costs to consumers. Either way, you are not helping the very people you say you want to help. Lawyers must be looking out for themselves. More law suits will occur and just like health care, costs will shoot through the roof.
All you bureaucrats, please don't try to justify your jobs by burdening me or our clients with more unwanted interference. Thank you. Larry Hesse