Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Ronald T Fullmer
Affiliation: Agent

July 30, 2010

I have been working in the fianancial services industry as and agent for over 30 years. Much has changed regarding compliance. Over the past several years compliance has become a major issue for all the fianance companies. For the most part this was a good thing as it has prevented dishonest fianacial advisors from hurting people. It has also made it more difficult for the majority of good honest advisors that do the right thing by people regardless of the laws. With making all fianancial advisors and agents having fiduciary responsiablities will make it more difficult for all. It will cause those that have chose not to go to a fee based practice to look at doing that. It will make costs go up to the consumer without having any benefit for them. If it makes things more difficult for everyone and has no real benefit then what is the point. Things are controled very well and in some cases what would be right for people doesn't happen because of all of the red tape so the consumers are being hurt. Why make it more difficult for agents and the buying public by putting unnessisary rule. Please do not over react causing every body problems. Thank you.