Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Lawrence Yingling

July 30, 2010

-Holding Registered Reps to a so-called "Fidiciary Standard is a terrible idea. We are already supposed to act in the best interest of our client's and we are regulated heavily by the SEC, FINRA, and state insurance depts. What is the "best interest of our clients" is already a very subjective statement. Adding a "fidicary standard" is like adding another redundant layer of regulation on top of what we already have.

I am required by my company to do a fact finder before every sale and then it goes thru 2 layers of suitablity review before approval. A compliance director checks me at least twice per year and a company auditor about every other year.

If the SEC and FINRA would just enforce what we have instead of "looking the other way" when the Bernie Madoff's of the world are out there doing anything they want to do everytheing would be fine