Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Karen Tomas

September 17, 2010

When is the SEC going to show some support for Main Street America and reinstate the uptick rule?
We are at the mercy of high-frequency traders and sooner or later every individual investor is going to become discouraged by market manipulators and eventually cease to invest in equities at all.
Then the "fat cats" can trade amongst themselves.
The market has turned into a casino without any regulation. When is the SEC going to level the playing field? The "uptick rule" is not something new, it has been around forever and needs to be put back into place.
It should have been done already. How can millions of shares trade per day in a stock and the price only move by pennies???? It's a scam. No one even wants to invest in good American companies because the market is a casino and regulators are doing nothing about it. A chance at the "American Dream" and investing should be equally available to everyone, and the SEC needs to step up and show support for the little guy.