Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Sandra Wood

September 14, 2010

Whatever can be done to better inform and protect the investor, should be done. I am tired of the lies and thievery by people working in investments, insurance, banking, credit. I see that you received opinions of the "SCREAM it AIN'T broke so don't fix it" type, undoubtedly from people happily making money off their ... er, clients. We little investors are not making money AND we are not getting good advice from our PAID "investment" guys working the in computer gambling dens in the Big Firm's basement either.

Our BIG mutual fund stock brokerage investment firm's online account services CANNOT show us the FIRST MONTH of our investment with them. Our "advisor" called to tell us it was just the way the thing was set up, so sorry, but YEAH, your money for that month has NOT BEEN factored in - in online viewing, that is - to the wins/loses we show you. Blame ... some other computer guy, I guess. It is not a browser issue - they just can't do the math.

For THIS I pay a hefty percentage? Are they going to FIX IT??? Naaahhhh. Who is gonna make 'em, huh? Me? (I hope the SEC.) I do not trust a thing they tell us now.

We look to the SEC to eliminate this kind of crap and other fraudster-moves like it. Please set some standards - tough ones - for what is to be available online too, as well as tightening up the standards overall. Don't worry about the investment industry players - they'll always make out.