Subject: File No. 4-606
From: John Houillon
Affiliation: NAIFA member

July 30, 2010

Please do not exercise your ability to hold registered representatives to a fiduciary responsiblity. The current suitability standard for the mutual funds and variable annuities protects my clients before, during, and after the sale of these products. I have always held my clients' best interests before my own. This has resulted in a blemish free, 23 year career serving my clients and their families. To add an extra layer of hindsight regulation and enforcement will only add to the increasing numbers of financial representatives leaving this industry. In the end, the consumer will be hurt by having less access to career minded advisors who trult desire to build lifelong relationships with their clients. I have always committed my service to review the clients' changing needs over time. This effort does not have to be regulated.