Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Gerald F Triggs, Mr.

August 31, 2010

I had an account that Cal Colburn who at the time worked out of AG EDWARDS in Springfield, Ma. I invested in mainly mutual funds because I know nothing about stocks and how to pick them. I did pretty well with them and as my account grew, he moved to and was promoted to run the Essex CT office. He called me often and talked me into buying blue chip stocks and said it's the only way your really going to make any real money. I trusted him by then due to his handling of my retirement investments. He kept buying stocks and only keep them very short term and would buy someting differant saying they were better buys and sure winners. In a very short time he lost huge amounts of my money. I filed with the SEC back then and you did nothing for me, now that the entire market is going down the proverbial toilets your inteterested it seeing why the markets insane? Well bottom line you allowed small investers like myself to get raped and plundered. We all lost huge amount of money that we can never reclaim. I still want my money back and swindlers like them put in jail and to have every penney they made taken away to pay all of us that you ignored forever. Gerald F. Triggs
413 586 9842