Subject: Broker vs Investment Adviser survey 4-606

August 30, 2010

I just read a column in my local paper regarding the survey that is being conducted, and hope that my comments are rec'd in time. I am a financial planning student at University of California Berkeley Extension and have studied investment as part of the curriculm. I also have an MBA in Corporate Finance. I am a firm believer in government regulation in areas that impact the society as a whole, and finance as the underpinning of society certainly qualifies. I have been following the various booms, bubbles and busts for many years and my question has remained, since Glass Stegal was repealed, why is there not more governement oversight of investment banking? It is too complex for the average person to truly understand, and therefore the opportunity for fraud and excessive fees not only exists, but as the latest bust shows so clearly, it will happen despite the proliferation of ethics classes in MBA programs thoughout the country.

If I can participate in any other sureveys I would love to. I will continue to follow developments in this area of regulation.

Elizabeth L. Kolar, MBA