Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Linda F Donna

August 30, 2010

For the past TWO years I have requested assistance from the SEC to NO AVAIL. Although this Agency says it provides assistance to the Public and also investigates the "wrong-doings, errors and mistakes made by Investment Bankers AND Brokers, it has been my experience dealing with both the SEC and FINRA that this advertised action IS NOT TAKEN. Even though attorneys have stated my allegations of errors made against the investment broker is "VALID" and I have a factual complaint, NOTHING was done by the SEC.

I had the choice of allowing the attorneys to recover funds lost by invalid errors made by inept "trainee brokers" at a high cost of attorney fees equaling that of my loss. Or suffer the deliberate theft of my funds by accepting that banks and investment firms hire inept employees and brokers that "steal" funds with no investigation by the SEC. Additionally, the mistakes the broker(s) made will cost ME penalties for five years and STILL, the SEC provided NO INVESTIGATION AND NO ASSISTANCE

Although, an investigation by the SEC was not completed or ever started, the SEC will either claim they have made a decision or they state the statute for a claim has run out. Either way, their comments are "Excuses" to NOT DO THE JOB, THEY ARE IN EXISTENCE TO DO. How is an INVESTIGATIVE DECISION made by the SEC on an investigation that was NEVER done by the SEC?

How timely is this survey I have recently sent a letter to Congresswoman Diana DiGette to report such behaviors of Government Agencies existing to perform services for the PEOPLE, yet these services are NOT being performed for the 'PEOPLE'. Instead, these Agencies such as the SEC appear to be in place to protect and serve the Banks and Investment Firms. Why then do these Agencies Exist, PARTICULARLY the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and FINRA?