Subject: RULE 4-606

August 30, 2010

To Whom it DOES Concern,

Americans deserve fairness...after four crises in the last 12 years they need transparency and trust from the individuals upon whom they rely for financial advice.

After 31 years in this business, I am well aware that most individuals seeking advice are NOT aware of different standards of care from a certified financial planner (CFP), a broker, an insurance agent or someone who calls themselves a financial advisor. Please create a level field where ALL advisors are held to the same fiduciary standard to take care of the client's interests before their own. Let's TAKE CARE OF ALL AMERICANS SEEKING FINANCIAL ADVICE; certainly after all of the latest debacles, confidence in our financial system is at a low point. Confidence in you, the SEC, the regulator of our financial system needs to be restored as well.


Roxanne E. Fleszar, CFP, ChFC
Financial Resources Management Corp.