Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Gerry A Cieluch

August 30, 2010

As a representative of insurance and financial products, I have to comply with ongoing education on a yearly basis just to stay in the business. I have 24 hours of Continuing Education that must be completed every two years or I lose my license. I have 2 audits a year by two different individuals to make sure that I am operating my business in a way that is beneficial to the clients that I serve. I also have annual compliance that has to be done or I lose my license. In addition, every 3 years I have to go to a secure location and spend up to a half day of compliance testing. I also have annual fees that have to be paid or I lose my license. Our industry does an exceptional job of making sure that we are monitored and/or regulated. It is unfortunate that a few bad apples can bring about this type of havoc and scrutiny. We are regulated, we do take the necessary steps to correct mistakes and problems that may arise.