Subject: File Number 4-606

August 30, 2010

Comment on Study Regarding Obligations of Brokers, Dealers, and Investment Advisers [Release No. 34-62577; IA-3058; File No. 4-606]

I strongly support a fudiciary standard for anyone who has a securities liscense and does business with the public.

I have had a series 7 liscense since 1988 and am a certified financial planner. I have seen numerous examples of registered representatives who have not used a fudiciary standard when dealing with their clients. The vast majority of clients have been dealt with using a fudiciary standard of care - even when a suitable standard was what the registered representative was held to.

The only way the brokerage industry will achieve the public respect that is needed is if a true fudiciary standard is imposed. We have centuries of law and precident which show what a fudiciary standard means. I do not favor a watered down fudiciary standard or one that is written by the financial services industry.

Once again I strongly support a fudiciary standard for everyone who has a securities liscense.

Steve White, CFP