Subject: File Number 4-606

August 29, 2010

I read in our Minneapolis Star and Tribune today, 8-29-10 in the Wall Street Journal an article by Anna Prior discussing the difference between and investment advisor and a broker and a dealer. Yes, they should be held fiduciary responsible when either or both of them do not give their customer the best financial advice for the customer. If they do not and they are only doing it because it is in their best interest then they are a thief. This very subject hits home. I was planning on leaving my current position and going to head into the broker profession when I was told directly from the instructor taking a financial class here in Minnesota, that I could never sell any A paper notes and would only be able to sell subprime notes as the bank would not let me do that. Where in God's most green and beautiful country would someone else destroy someone else's dream!!!!! In a place that tells people that this is the United States of America and you can be want you want to be so long as you do not hurt others and to help others. And five trillion dollars later and many unhappy Americans and many of those who actually listened to many pied pipers!!!!!!! Yes, they need to be accountable. I am sorry that this will cost us money to create and new bill at the White House. I would love to believe we are all trying to work for the good of mankind----but some people are purely evil and greedy. This has really hurt our country and mad us not look so good overseas. Who in their right mind wants to fail and fall on our states and federal governments purses if we can stand on our own two feet!!!!

Thank you and I will feel better since I wrote this e-mail.