Subject: File Number 4-606

August 29, 2010

I strongly think that whatever the classification (investment advisor-investor-etc.) of the person (professional or whatever name the person is) should explain the compensation received from the firm that is receiving your funds. Is there is a sliding scale for the monies to be invested?

The risks (of any and all kinds) that are possible with the funds deposited with the firm should be discussed.

Are insurance companies without risks?? St. Paul Insurance purchased USF&G several years ago. Then, more recently purchased Travelers Insurance. And took Travelers Insurance for its name. Does this guarantee Travelers' Insurance is more or less 100% safe? Or, Investors Insurance company which holds our annuity.- how safe is this company? What I find most interesting is that the 150 year old (St Paul) bought the 100 year old UFG&G.

I know that I am just beginning to understand this whole area of investing. But, I also realize that with offers of expensive meals and a great presentation of material (dazzlingly presented via computer screens(4) can override immediate doubts about investments. Of course, the free gourmet meal caught our attention.

We are senior citizens and I believe the government should be explicit about the best investments for our consideration!!!

Thank you for allowing this opportunity to email my thoughts. Please advise if we can be of further service!!

Gary Gefke