Subject: brokers 4-606

August 29, 2010

First, let me say how pleased we have been with Schwab. About a week ago, I called about selling some mutual funds. Because I didnít want to pay to commission or fee that I would have to pay if I did it on the phone rather than by computer, the representative tried to talk me through it on the computer. Unfortunately, I ran out of time before closing and was only able to get one sale in and had to do that by phone, with one minute before close. Next day the markets fell drastically and continued to do so for many days.

We have had experience with people who acting more like advisors and Schwab charged us about $150 and recommended that we buy more bond funds. The hardest experience was with someone who talked my husband into converting his 401k into an LLC after retirement. Iíve never heard of such a thing and havenít been able to reach the man again, though my husband did as advised. The LLC holds mutual funds, though I think that my husband has it in cash now.


Sharon Morrow