Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Ferdinand Freisleben, Mr.
Affiliation: Full time employee

August 28, 2010

Elizabeth M. Murphy
Secretary, Securities and Exchange Commission 100 F Street NE Washington, DC 20549

Ms. Murphy:
As a sixty-four year old small investor, trying to provide for my family, establishing a sound foundation for my retirement, I have the following comments.

When the dot com bubble went bust at the beginning of this century, a lot of new technology hype, fail safe investments prognosis and short term investment results strongly suggested by so called experts, caused a lot of us to learn a valuable lesson.

Then we then saw a period of monumental company implosions, causing a lot of people loosing their retirement investments, as well causing a ripple effect in the entire financial system.
Next followed the financial crisis plus the discovery of the largest ponzi scam ever.
My belief is, this financial catastrophe was caused by bankers, financial advisers and experts looking out to make the most money in the shortest time possible for themselves, without regards for the investor big or small.

Time and again, oversight as well adherence of established regulation of the financial markets by the designated authorities was lax at best.
To this end, my portfolio, established over 35 years, lost its value by at least 47%. Retirement has to be put on hold now.

I hope, Ms. Murphy, you will have the foresight, stamina and guts to follow through with the proposed regulations.
Small investors have a big stake in the financial market. Our voices should be taken into considerations when proposals or regulations are being contemplated.

Ferdinand Freisleben