Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Larry E Pacini
Affiliation: Owner of LP Financial Services LLC

August 27, 2010

It is extremely important that the SEC step back and take a breath before we continue down the path of over regulation. The enivorment that we are creating for the future is one of over regulation and confusion. What are the youth of nation going to think when they are trying to decide on a career field. Why go into a field that is full of multiple levels of over regulation and mistrust. The ultimate out come is that the average investor will have less people to get advise from because no one will want to continue a career and start one in a field that can not take care of itself.
Lets look at wat tools we hav now to solve our challenges without adding more layers of general and vauge legislation that appears some people are not doing all the homework they should be doing to reslolve the issues at hand. Please do not act the irresponsibltly when acting on the legistlation just passed in the Dodd-Frank Reform.