Subject: File No. 4-606
From: jim c harris, reg.rep,CLU

July 30, 2010

Suitability vs Fiduciary Standard for Reg. Rep. and Broker- Dealers---I would encourage you to review the evidence which will show the suitability standard is much more productive in the real world tha a Fiduciary Standard. Our Broker/Dealer has training 2 times a year, talks about it all year long and has someone inside the office that rewiews ever purchase to help determine "is this suitable for the person". The public should want the pressure to come to bare at point of sale not after the sale. We are well regulated now and do not need additional expenses for more Goverment regulation which will just be pasted on to the purchaser. I have had a selling career for 45 years and can tell you 99% of the people in this field are looking for re-peat clients and work very hard to find the correct investment options for our clients. Nothing is 100% sure in life and a Fiduciary Standard will simply increase cost and loss of time and will not change what the 1% will do to make a sell. Thanks for hearing views.