Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Daniel L Rust
Affiliation: owner State Farm Insurance Dan Rust's office

August 25, 2010

What we have to go through as it is for compliance and suitability year after year is rather cumbersome. We must go through a comprehensive computer based reexamining of our knowledge every 2 years. Either pass or time out. Yearly we have a company training for suitability, proper communications,and other subjects recommended by FINRA. This firm element training is very comprehensive. We also have an annual computer based reminder of what is allowable and not allowed which FINRA asks us to do to be in compliance. As well as an annual update of U4's. Hopefully this seems rather comprehensive already and now you want to require more. I sell mutual funds for State Farm and I am overwhelmed at the level of time and energy it already takes to be in compliance. Adding more will add to the expense to each of us plus our customers. Please find a way to regulate without another layer of incumberance on individual investment advisors. Thanks