Subject: File No. 4-606
From: Joe L. Bartkoski, Jr
Affiliation: financial advisor

July 30, 2010

This industry is highly regulated already. I don't appreciate it when outside people try to convince the SEC that Financial Advisors don't already take extra care in making sure we are complying with suitability already for the best interest of my customers. The Dodd /Frank Act lays another burden on us as financial Advisors that is unnecessary. Fee only models do not give any more unbiased advice, and you can make a case for long term planning that it will cost the consumer even more if they hold funds for any lenghth of time. I also question if my errors and ommissions insurance will be driven up in cost because of liability. It seems to me the only winners in this are not the consumers, but the trial lawyers who will surely sue even more. How do you determine what the best investment is? It it the cheapest, best rated, best performing. Wht if a fund has a great 10 year track record and has one bad year? Does that not make it the best fund anymore? You are opening a can of worms that will not help anyone.